Absolutely! Retinoids are used in children as young as 12 and in some cases, even younger.  Retinoids can be safely used at any age, with good moisturizer and sunscreen. Retinoids shouldn’t be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding though.

Retinoids are derived from naturally occurring vitamin A and are synthesized to be tolerable, safe, and effective.  While some prescription retinoids may irritate the skin, this side effect is easily fixed with good moisturizer and sunscreen.  There are also many different strengths and formulations of retinoids, so there will be one that works best for your unique skin.

Retinoids work by exfoliating the skin and reducing oil production to produce brighter and smoother skin.  Retinoids also help to increase cell turnover, which not only rids the skin of old cells but also prevents damaged cells from multiplying, which can reduce skin cancer.

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