the Founders

Meet the Founders

Dear Brightly was born because we had to solve a problem we personally experienced. As software engineers and loyal retinoid users, we wanted to leverage technology to not only shed light on why retinoids should exist in every bathroom cabinet given how life changing they were for us, but to also provide easier access given the hurdles we went through to get one.

I had clear skin my entire life until one year bouts of acne, discoloration, and uneven skin tone creeped up. The experience of finding and seeing a dermatologist in-person was not only inconvenient, but it was costly. My dermatologist let me in on her secret of the forever benefits of retinoids for photoaging (think pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, etc.), and I, to this day, have never looked back.

Although retinoids have major photoaging benefits, we want to emphasize that it's not our aim to message that we should look "younger" or "perfect" though. We banned the word "anti-aging" for a reason. Our aim is to create a world where every person feels enough and secure in their own skin. We are choosing to forget perfection and live as our optimal selves. Today and every day, illuminate you.

Amy | CEO

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