• Specifically designed to be used with your retinoid.
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Send your face to the spa. Our healing Salve is specifically designed to dial back sensitivity from retinoids, AHA, or harsh environments by moisturizing and soothing your skin. Expect less sensitivity, reduced redness, deep hydration, and soothed skin.

how to use

Apply a generous amount to skin as needed. Allow to absorb before applying additional products. Can be used twice per day or as needed.


51 grams.

ingredient highlights

Cactus Extract, Coconut Fruit Extract, Biosaccharide Gum-1 (Smart Sugar), Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract (Yeast Extract), Coconut ester, Vitamin E, Bisabolol, Allantoin, Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5).


  • High purity extract specifically developed for combating sensitivity from AHA and retinoids.
  • Regulates inflammation enzymes to soothe the skin.
  • Decreases Trans-Epidermal Water Loss by 17%.
  • Increases skin moisture level by 150% after 24 hours and by 95% after four weeks.
  • Contains smart sugar that improves cell communication for reducing the stinging effect from AHA and increasing NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) on the skin.
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Meet our dermatologist

Dr. Lana Kashlan

Kashlan is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology.

She attended University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine where she graduated with Honors. She was inducted into the James Scholar Program for Independent Study, and the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society for the top medical students in the country. Dr. Kashlan completed her residency in dermatology at Boston University School of Medicine.

Dr. Kashlan is an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, and the Women’s Dermatologic Society.

Retinoid newbie?
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Retinoid newbie?
Our medical professionals will get to know your skin and start you off with an appropriate strength level so that even if you're new to a retinoid, your skin learns to tolerate over time. And when they think you're ready, they'll upgrade your strength. We tailor your retinoid so that whether you're a newbie or veteran retinoid user, you get a great retinoid experience.

Why personalize?
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Why personalize?  
After getting to know your skin, we know we can give you a better experience with retinoids. From sensitive to resistant skin, whether you're a retinoid rookie or not, we got you. Our medical professionals will get to know your skin and start you off with an appropriate strength level so that even if you're new to a retinoid, your skin learns to tolerate. All of this is so that you get a great retinoid experience over time.

We believe in

Aging gracefully and maintaining healthy skin. We will never use the word "anti-aging” because it is not our thing. Living and being healthy is. Our products can be used in your regular skincare routine to maintain glowing, healthy skin.

Can I use retinoids if I have sensitive skin? 

Every skin type can benefit from retinoids — even dry and sensitive skin. There are three things to keep in mind.
Your medical provider will start you off with a strength that is appropriate for your skin type. 
Moisturize twice daily. (We have a moisturizing product designed to be used with retinoids.)
Apply your cream once weekly then increase to nightly as your skin tolerates.

The science of retinoids

Improve key indicators of skin health.


Retinoids can improve the pigmentation of freckles, melasma, age spots, and dark spots by dispersing and exfoliating melanin granules, which protect skin from sun damage. In the deepest layer of our skin.


The less collagen your skin has, the less water it retains, causing structural folds (i.e. wrinkles and lines). Retinoids improve wrinkles by directly stimulating collagen formation and inhibiting collagen breakdown.

Rough Skin

Tactile roughness on the skin is attributed to the thickness of the outermost layer of the epidermis, which consists of dead cells and a lack of glycosoaminoglycan (GAG) content. GAG promotes the ability of collagen and elastin fibers to retain moisture. 

Retinoids can improve rough skin by reducing the outer layer of dead skin cells and increasing the presence of GAG.


Retinoids can help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores by clearing the cellular debris around them — making them appear smaller.


Acne may be classified into 2 types: noninflammatory, which is characterized by comedones. And inflammatory, which predominantly consists of papules and pustules. 

Retinoids decrease comedones and their precursor, thereby primarily decreasing noninflammatory acne but also causing some reduction of inflammatory acne.

Results timeline

Noticeable results — thanks to RX-strength retinoids.
Rough spots
Brown spots
3 - 4 weeks
6-8 weeks
3-6 months
Unsure if retinoids are worth it? We’ve removed the risk: We offer a two month full refund if you’re unsatisfied.


I just turned 30 this year and I don't think my skin has ever looked better. Plain and simple: I love DearBrightly and I thank them for educating me on how to take care of my self!
This salve is one of the top 3 products I've ever used on my face, hands down. It's lightweight yet super hydrating and the moisture lasts all day (and night!). It fills in and plumps up those fine wrinkles around my eyes. I also have Sjogren's syndrome and this salve has helped me combat that tremendously.
I've known for a while that I should be using retinoids to keep my skin looking good, but getting them always seemed like wayyyyy too much effort–all of the good derms have long waiting lists and, as a guy, I always felt a shy about asking my doctor. So DearBrightly was a godsend!

Getting my Rx was super easy and discreet. I've been using Glowgetter for 6 weeks now and it's been awesome–the fine lines around my eyes are starting to fade and my skin just looks healthier.
Ok, I have to say, this was a gamechanger for me. I don't enjoy going out of my way to visit the doc's office, so being able to easily communicate with one and get my retinoid via DearBrightly was so nice.

On top of that, my doc was able to get to know my skin and personalize my retinoid for me so I got an optimal experience. Been using it for 2 weeks and so far so good. I'm not sure why you wouldn't use DearBrightly.
I've used retinoids in the past, but there's something about DB's serum that has done wonders. My skin is brighter, firmer and I've received random compliments that my skin is glowing! Never going back.
I have been stressing about my skin for years - never knowing who to ask, what to use, and how to assess all the options out there. DearBrightly was incredibly trustworthy, easy to use, and I've been seeing results! My skin is brighter, more clear, and fresh-looking. I recommend this to anyone in their 20s and eager to get started on an effective and simple skincare regimen.
I’m a Db customer and love the results that I’m seeing from retinoids and the moisturizer. (Even my fiancé noticed, so that’s a big deal). My skin is smoother, brighter and much softer now! I did have some dry skin and peeling in the beginning, but that’s normal as a result of cell turnover. I’m so glad DearBrightly exists!!
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